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With groundbreaking artist such as Nitrobeat, Tom Gibbs, Kevla, Greg Costello, this release is a series of tracks perfect suited for those late autumn nights. This is also the first "uSound Origins" compilation of many to be released! All artists featured on this record has been handpicked by Ivan N Takle, uSound's chief engineer and music producer.

He wanted to release a selection of the best downtempo out there, from well known artists such as Tom Gibbs and Nitrobeat to new stars like Collich, Michael Rogel and Jarrad Cleofé. This is for sure a real treat for those of you that loves Downtempo, Deep House and Chill Electronica!

Basement Seduction will bring you the best music out there from DJ's all over the world. With shows like Deep Sessions, Chill Sessions, Club Sessions and Origins of EDM.

With DJs from all over the world and shows that includes a big variety of styles, it's sure that BS had grown to be one of the best DJ shows available. Enjoy dark techy episodes, uplifting chill episodes or straight out club feels. We do what we love, fore the love of what we do.