I started releasing my music about 4-5 years after initally starting to produce,

because that's when I realized I had the potential to touch people's hearts with harmonies and the universal language of music. Growing up with a father working as a DJ has provided me with countless of hours with variety within different genres, allowing me to really process the different ways music can influence.


It all started in my bedroom at the age of twelve, fondling with any sort of instrument I could get my hands on. As I began understanding music more, I would put myself out of my comfort zone by chasing a wider field of genres. This has resulted in many great moments and milestones for not only me as a person, but as a musician as well.

uSound is an agency for the creative minds. We have a Selection of artist managers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, artists and engineers at you service. Our goal is to make the art of music fun, creative and safe. Both for new beginners and established artists.

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We have a selection of producers, engineers and arrangers ready for your projects.


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