Kristine Emilie
Kristine Emilie

Kristine Emilie


I started as a dancer, danced a lot of hip hop and RnB. I felt the music spoke to me and wanted to give people the same feeling that I get from good music. I'm very attracted to music with special and amazing vocals and who's arranged with an interesting twist, which is very evident in my own songs and vocals. My inspiration is retrieved from Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown, Zayn, Astrid's, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson to name a few.


My ambitions is to show that my style is something special and can hit people in the right way, and give the good feeling that I have when I'm writing songs. I started to sing as 15/16-year-old, and began to practice in “Demingen studio” (known for Kurt Nilsen, Endre Nordvik, Monica Heldal). I quickly got a desire to engage with music, first it was only a hobby with a desire to do this full time.

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