Tom Gibbs
Tom Gibbs

Tom Gibbs

I can't sit here and feed you romanticized lines about how i fell in love with house music at an early age because, honestly, i cant really remember, I must have been young, because my walkman was very yellow, Paul Oakenfold's hair was under control and Hixxy & Dj Sy were big Dj's... Yeah thats right, I was into Happy Hardcore for a little while.


One thing i do know though, is as i got older, the music meant much more to me, I wanted to know more about the individual tunes and the people behind them, how did they get 'that sound'? how come that kick drum sounds so fat and what do i need to get my hands on to be able to make and play music like this?... Of course over the years my questions were slowly answered, i spent more and more of my hard earned and sometimes stolen pocket money on records, I didn't even own any decks, I just had to have the music physically in my hands.

uSound is an agency for the creative minds. We have a Selection of artist managers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, artists and engineers at you service. Our goal is to make the art of music fun, creative and safe. Both for new beginners and established artists.

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