uSound Records is a label that focuses on finding new and exciting talents and cultivating existing artists – across genres.  We have a worldwide distribution and have the capacity to give your talent the boost it deserves! 

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We have a broad selection of musicians, DJs, bands and entertainers who meet our stringent quality requirements, have pride and know what you, the customer appreciates. We can plan and arrange your event together with you and give you a safe way to satisfy all your needs.

We are

An agency for the creative minds. We have a Selection of artist managers, producers, songwriters, arrangers, artists and engineers at you service. We place great emphasis on quality and experience level to musicians who’s mediated by us and our goal is to make the art of music fun, creative and safe. Both for new beginners and established artists.

To the organisers

uSound Entertainment was established with the intention of providing personalized and professional services for the music industry and deliver services such as music production, live entertainment, music distribution and artist management.